Online video providers today have the ability to experience a one-to-one conversation with their audience, compared to the somewhat anonymous nature of this relationship in traditional TV. Viewing habits of consumers continue to rapidly change in the next ten years, bringing more choice, portability and accessibility to video. A granular nature to analyzing subscriber behavior will open new opportunities for content owners, end users, and everyone in between. 

Let us invite you to read our latest whitepapers written by Gabriel Dusil, Chief Marketing & Corporate Strategy Officer​ of Visual Unity:

Consumption is Personal

Have you ever wondered how your analog TV ever figured out what you were watching?

Granularity of Choice

In the days when there were only a handful of channels, the ratio between useful and useless didn’t seem to matter.

Benchmarking the H.265 Video Experience

Creating a compelling and engaging video experience has been an ongoing mission for content owners and distributors.

Search & Discovery is a Journey, not a Destination WHITE PAPER IV:
Search & Discovery is a Journey

Searching for content has significantly evolved in the past ten years, thanks largely to Google.

Multiscreen Solutions for the Digital Generation WHITE PAPER V:
Multiscreen Solutions for the Digital Generation

​The multiscreen experience has significantly widened the choice for how subscribers receive their content.

Building a Case for 4K WHITE PAPER VI:
Building a Case for 4K

The future of digital video is expanding in all directions; from the size of the living room TV, to the depth of content selection.

whitepaper/Are-You-Ready-For-Social-TV.png WHITEPAPER VII:
Are You Ready For Social TV

The broadcast market is facing the most significant paradigm shift in history, with traditional linear television struggling to meet the demands of an emerging multiscreen audience.

Turning Piratez into Consumers WHITE PAPER VIII:
Search & Turning Piratez into Consumers

Multiscreen is at the top of the entertainment industry’s agenda for delivering digital video. This is discussed in the context of four main screens: TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Turning Piratez into Consumers WHITE PAPER IX:
Blame the Internet?

Many in the entertainment industry are quick to blame piracy for any revenue decline in their business. It’s valid to blame user behavior rather than the underlying technology that enabled change. But why not blame the Internet itself?

Guide to a smart broadcast multiscreen strategy WHITEPAPER 2012:
The Visual Unity guide to a smart broadcast multiscreen strategy

This white-paper discusses why multiscreen broadcast should matter to today's TV companies. It explores what makes a good multiscreen solution.